Fishing Lakes

Dairy House Lakes consists of 3 lakes which cover 4 acres set in the beautiful Dorset countryside. 

Access to the fishing lakes is 180 metres down a lane from the accommodation with hard standing for cars. The lakes are just a short walk away up a slight incline.

1. Park Lake
containing mainly carp, mirror and common from 3lb up to 17lb.
2. Oak Lake
is the specimen lake and contains carp from 14lb up to 30lb+ with several uncaught fish.
3. Alder Lake                     
is the silver fish lake and contains tench, bream, rudd, crucian carp, roach and chub.

The only baits currently banned on the lakes are nut baits. 

We operate a strictly no litter policy, barbless hooks, maximum two rods per peg, no keep nets, unhooking mats must be used,  safe rigs only and fishing from pegs only.  

Extra rules for Oak Lake: 10lb minimum main line, large unhooking mat and 40 inch minimum landing net.

Children under 14 to be accompanied by an adult.  There is plenty of hard standing for cars close to the lakes which are only a short walk from the accommodation.

Top tips

Park Lake
Heavy feeding of pellet and method mixes has scored particularly well, with large catches of 3-5lb fish possible. Fish largely follow feeding winds, but really respond to regular feeding.

Oak Lake (specimen)
The conservative use of pellet and boilies is a particularly successful method, with fish often being caught from marginal feeding areas. Spicy Krill boilies available to purchase on site. 

Alder Lake
Maggot and sweetcorn over fine groundbaits scores well in this lake, with mixed catches coming from all over. 

Bread is also used consistently on all lake

The lakes are open all year round.

20lb 2oz carp from the specimen lake  





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