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5 Reasons to have a staycation

<< backDate Posted: 11 Jan 2019

Our first 5 reasons to have a staycation in the UK

Jetting off to foreign lands will always hold that sense of adventure that makes us want to go and explore new places. At The Victorian Barn we believe you can still have a holiday full of adventure in the UK. In this blog we are going to look at 5 good reasons why.  


One of the biggest reasons people like to get out of the UK is to relax on a nice sunny beach somewhere. However, the UK is home to some spectacular beaches of its own, particularly the Jurassic Coast on the South Coast of the UK. It stretches from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, a distance of about 96 miles.


When visiting somewhere it is always nice to learn about the history of the area and the country. When going abroad you may visit many areas that teach you about the local history but do you know about all the history that is right here in the UK? For such a small set of islands the UK has witnessed the rise and fall of many kingdoms and cultures, all of which have left their mark. Whether it be Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey, the Roman Baths or Edinburgh Castle, the UK is full of history waiting for you to discover.

Delicious food and drink

Another aspect of the UK that is often taken for granted is the wide range of cuisine we have to offer as well as our heritage for traditional UK food. With classic dinners such as fish and chips, Sunday roasts and hearty pies the UK has a wide range of meals ready to be tasted. The UK is also home to some fantastic restaurants offering gourmet menus to the classic pub grub. You don’t need to go abroad to get a taste of something different.

Less hassle

One thing that makes going away not as appealing is the hassle of having to sort everything out. Making sure your passport is in date, getting travel insurance, and arranging transport to the airport and then a transfer to accommodation. You also have to be careful about the luggage allowance when flying abroad, all you do in the UK is make sure you can cram it in the car! The list can seem endless. Having a staycation means all those worries are gone. Just get everyone together and go!

Short Breaks

Living in the UK means that if you are able to you can go mini breaks throughout the year instead of saving up for one holiday a year abroad. Short breaks in the UK can be taken out of ‘season’ which can work out more cost effective if you are looking to go away at short notice. Why not go to the Lake District to take in the breath-taking views it has to offer and then pop down to the coast for a stroll along the Jurassic Coast. Having the freedom to go away when you feel like it instead of committing to a holiday in a different country seems much more appealing.

Next week we will research a further 5 reasons as to why we think having a staycation in the UK is just as good as travelling abroad!

Yippee no more flying!


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