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Another 5 reasons for a staycation

<< backDate Posted: 18 Jan 2019


Last week, we posted a blog with our first 5 reasons why you should wish to have a staycation on the beautiful British Isles. This week we have another 5 reasons as to why you would want to do this. 


Language Barrier

Travelling abroad can always bring the nightmare thought of what if they don’t understand anything I am saying. Although people say travelling all over the world broadens the horizons for us it can also fill us with a dread that holidaying in the UK will not do. You wouldn’t have to worry about walking into a restaurant and not being able to read the menu or understand the waiters.

Family Holidays

If you wanted a big family holiday where everyone from aunts and uncles to the grandparents can join, going abroad may seem like the perfect option but the cost of finding either a villa or apartments to fit the whole family can be very costly and difficult. In the UK self-catering accommodation is becoming more and more popular, you have a home away from home and are able to find a house big enough to accommodate everyone’s needs for a fraction of the price of going abroad.


You’ve booked your holiday abroad, now all you have to do is change your money into the correct currency. But have you got enough? Are you going to run out half way through? Is there going to be a ridiculous charge to get more out in a different country? Questions that will always go through your mind when travelling to a foreign land. At least in the UK you have the guarantee that your bank will not charge you a ridiculous amount to get more if you need it.

Hiring a car

You go on holiday to a beautiful island and obviously you want to explore it! Hiring a car seems like the best option, but is it? You have to remember which side of the road to drive on most importantly and what happens if god forbid you crash? Insuring a car abroad isn’t the easiest of tasks especially if you can’t understand what they are saying.  Exploring a foreign country can be fun for everyone but sometimes the logistics of it don’t always work out. Having a staycation in the UK means you know what everything means…hopefully. You can just pack up and go without the hassle that going abroad comes with.


The Victorian Barn believes you can have just as much fun here in the UK even if the weather can be temperamental. Take a look at our accommodation for ideas to start planning your staycation. Why not also take a look at our great leisure facilities!

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