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Coarse Fishing Delights in Dorset

<< backDate Posted: 25 Jan 2018

Coarse fishing in Dorset

Coarse Fishing is one of the most widespread type of angling in England. This type of fishing is catching fish in freshwater rather than the sea and the fish are returned to the water instead of taking them for food. If you are over the age of 12 you will require a fishing licence to fish in rivers, lakes, canals, streams and pools in England. All of our holiday cottages in Dorset have fishing access. We are extremely lucky to be able to have three coarse fishing lakes on site; Park Lake (mixed fishing), Alder Lake (silverfish lake) and Oak Lake (specimen lake).   

Our lakes are stocked with various carp, bream, chub, roach, rudd, tench and crucian carp.

One little tip we would like to share with you: fish love evenings, especially after a bright, hot summer's day spent lounging around – it gets them going. Very early mornings are good too, but whereas the fishing usually gets worse as the morning wears on, the fishing gets better as darkness falls. For families we recommend utilising fishing in the morning, activities during the day and then back to fishing for the evening!

Book one of our holiday cottages in Dorset today and fish to your hearts content! 

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