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Holiday Packing

<< backDate Posted: 27 Nov 2018

Holiday Packing 

The best way to approach these activities is to get someone else to do it for you!! Then you don’t have to worry about getting it right. And if it goes wrong, there’s someone else to blame. Sorted!

If, however, you are in the unfortunate position that other people have become wise to your tricks and are now refusing to do it for you, your next best option is to learn how to do it yourself.

But it’s okay, you’re not doing it on your own. We are here with some helpful tips to help you learn how to pack a suitcase like a pro.

There is an ongoing debate about whether it is best to roll or fold your clothes. Some people say that there is no right answer. As for the various trendy rolling and folding techniques you might see floating around the internet, you shouldn’t need to do some ridiculous origami gymnastics move every time you put something in your suitcase.

Just fold or roll up your clothes like a normal person.

The best way to avoid creases and wrinkles is to only pack clothes made from materials that don’t wrinkle easily.

Weather Watch

Check the weather forecast for the place you’re travelling to. This is such a simple thing to do, and it takes less than five minutes- so you have no excuse not to.

There’s nothing worse than having a suitcase full of things that aren’t appropriate. Trust me, I know.

Check the weather before you start packing so you can pick out items that you know will be suitable. You don’t want to be shivering in a corner because you didn’t pack anything warm, or sweating everywhere like a disgusting beast because you’re uncomfortably hot.

And most importantly, you don’t want someone to offer to lend you an item of clothing. If you accept, the item is bound to be ill-fitting, unflattering, or just full-on hideous.

And if you decline, you come across as rude, as if you are expecting the person’s clothes to be ill-fitting, unflattering, or full-on hideous. Which you are.

Packing a suitcase may seem like a simple task but when flying abroad but there is the constant factor that has to be taken into consideration of airport weight limits.


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