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New apprentice at The Victorian Barn

<< backDate Posted: 17 Jul 2018


Hello! My name is Danielle and I have just joined The Victorian Barn as their customer service apprentice.

Growing up I never knew what I truly wanted to do when I was older. To begin with physiotherapy was a focus. I loved the idea of helping people and I was contemplating doing physiotherapy in the army. But as I got older and the pressures of school beginning to mount I realised I didn’t have the same passion for it as I thought. Deciding this in the middle of my GCSE’s definitely made me worry. I felt like everyone else around me had their whole lives planned out and I was just trying to decide if I wanted to take A-Levels but in reality we were all in the same boat. After completing my GCSE’s at Sturminster Newton High School I decided to stay on and study the A-Levels of Sociology, Photography and Health and Social Care.

Like many students in sixth form, the pressure was on to figure out what path I wanted to take in my life. Was university the right option for me? College? An apprenticeship or a straight forward job? I found myself hearing those questions on a daily basis and I think like most students these were the questions we hated the most. When I was asked these questions I hated not having a ‘proper’ answer other than I have no idea. It was the awkward question I was always dodging.  In school, university was made into this wonderful thing, you would meet lots of great people, achieve a degree and come out with a better paid job than those who didn’t go to university. But nowhere does it say that you can’t meet lots of people and have a job that is fulfilling in all aspects if you chose to not go to university. Talking to others who had gone through the university life made me realise that although it sounded like a great experience socially I was not going to get myself in to a large amount of debt because I was going out and having fun. A couple of months into my A-levels I soon realised that university was not the right option for me at this time in my life.

After deciding university wasn’t the right option for me, I was now focusing on whether I wanted to go to college full time or start my working life. When my careers advisor spoke to me about apprenticeships, I thought that this was the right thing for me. I could earn and learn at the same time. The best of both worlds in my eyes. Thank god my career advisor mentioned The Victorian Barn to me otherwise I wouldn’t be sat here writing this today. Living locally, I had heard of it but never really explored the option of potentially working there, until the day my career advisor told me to pop them an email. That email was the best thing I could have done. Not long after sending the email Penny and Claire offered that I come in for an interview and have a look around the Barn. You really are unable to fully appreciate the setting of The Victorian Barn until you see it for yourself. I couldn’t be more appreciative of Penny and Claire for giving me the opportunity to work here at The Victorian Barn; I'm enjoying it every day and hope to be here for a long time.

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