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The Unforgettable Escape

Trampoline Play Time at The Victorian Barn

<< backDate Posted: 09 Mar 2018

Trampolines - Play Area at Dairy House Farm

Thousands of people are injured on trampolines each year. Children younger than 6 years are at greatest risk of injury. Parents should always be present.


Common injuries include:

Broken bones (Sometimes surgery is needed.)
Concussions and other head injuries
Bruises, scrapes, and cuts
Head and neck injuries (which can lead to permanent paralysis or death)
How injuries occur
Most trampoline injuries occur when there is more than one person using a trampoline.

Children can get hurt when they:

Land wrong while jumping.
Land wrong while flipping and doing somersaults (this should not be allowed because of the risk of head and neck injuries).
Try stunts.
Strike or are struck by another person.
Fall or jump off the trampoline.
Land on the springs or frame.



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