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Fishing Lakes

Coarse Fishing Lakes in Dorset

Dairy House Lakes consists of 3 coarse fishing lakes which cover 4 acres of the beautiful Dorset countryside. Follow the signs for “the lakes” past the main farm house. There is plenty of hard standing for cars. The lakes are just a short walk away up a slight incline.

The lakes are open all year round but please do check our noticeboard for any closures.

Our 3 coarse fishing lakes:


Top tips:

Park Lake – Heaving feeding of pellet and method mixes has scored well with catches of 3-5lb fish possible. Fish largely follow feeding winds but really respond to regular feeding.

Alder Lake – Maggot & Sweetcorn over find groundbaits scores well in this lake. 

Oak Lake (Specimen Lake) – The use of pellet and boilies is a successful method with fish being often caught from marginal feeding areas.

CC Moore of Stalbridge baits available to purchase on site. Bread/sweetcorn/maggots is also used consistently on all lakes.

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